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amariah is used to create all artwork featured by amariah Design

amariah has many tools and excels at live mirror/symmetrical drawing.

  • Mirror/symmetrical drawing easily activated/deactivated by clicking a check box.
  • Change the mirror position on the canvas easily during run-time, no boundaries 
  • Save a selected area of the canvas as its own separate image to disk; no copying and pasting to another canvas before saving the selection
  • Virtual Canvas. You are not limited to the screen resolution of your device.  Create, edit, and view full images larger than screen resolution inside current screen resolution thanks to amariah's virtual canvas. 
  • Apply particle and glow effects to specific coordinates of images
  • Create custom shapes
  • Load, scale, and change color of images before placing on the canvas
  • amariah uses layers
  • Create custom selection shapes/sizes to select or erase from the canvas

Wynston Sumpter did witness the code and functionality of amariah which was previously named Mirrored Imagination while in development.

Updated 8/24/2018
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